Shabd Pre-School, Faridabad is a part of the Shabd Education Society, ‘The Pre – School from the IIT–ians’. Apart from the three branches of Faridabad, Shabd already has twenty three other branches all across India, and is ever growing.

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Shabd is best play School in Faridabad.

This is a very good play school in faridabad.

My daughter Adrita has been studying @ Shabd, Greater Faridabad in Playgroup. At the time of her admission she could hardly speak and since then the last few months we have observed her amazing vocab & social development. Now she can - recite more than 10 rhymes - dances with joy whenever the music is of her choice - has learnt basic courtesy like saying thank you, welcome, sorry, please, etc. - inform us whenever she needs to go to washroom - throws wrappers only in the dustbin - has developed taste for various food items - even sing the national anthem and say a prayer Truly amazing work by the Shabd teachers and staff. Carry on the good work. Another aspect I like about the school is the amount of outdoor time the kids get to spend as is evident from the regular photo updates that we receive