SHABD Preschool is managed by a team of IITians and Health Professionals. SHABD is headed by Mr. Animesh Tyagi. An educationist with irrepressible optimism & compassion, Mr. Animesh Tyagi, for last 1 decade is associated with reputed schools in Delhi & NCR. He has a key role in setting up SHABD. He brings with him a rich diversity of experience and a vision to lead SHABD to The Peak ahead.


Teachers are the most important part of your child’s positive schooling experience. And we proudly claim that all the Shabd branches are blessed with an outstanding and experienced team of teachers and support staff. This is the result of our extensive selection and training program. We value their knowledge, positive attitude and love for young children.


A wide variety of snack foods are furnished by the school. The food is prepared in a clean and hygienic manner. Proper attention is given to the taste and presentation of the food in order to appeal their senses. This habit of eating with classmates, helps them to learn table manners, how to help themselves and the wonderful property of sharing.


Keeping in mind the fact that children love music and learn more efficiently if taught through music, music sessions are held regularly in the classrooms or outdoors.


We feel it is important for children to play, explore, and learn in the midst of nature; therefore our students spend a significant amount of time outdoors in all types of weather, of course, with proper precaution. Key features are:

  • Outdoor Classes

  • Large trees

  • Garden pots

  • Climbing logs

  • Sand digging area

  • Grassy areas

  • Splash Pool

  • Nature walk & Excursions

  • Tricycle path


We schedule “getting to know you” conferences so that you can tell us about your child and your family. It gives the parents an opportunity to discuss the development of their child with the teachers. Apart from these formal interactions, we also provide tips and receive feedback from the parents from time to time.


Shabd believes in celebrating all major occasions. At the beginning of every month we receive a detailed calendar from Head Office mentioning date wise activities and festivals to be carried out during the month. Some such Activites are :

  • Story telling & Puppet shows

  • Rhymes recitation

  • Audio-Visual learning time aided by touch screen computer

  • Drawing and colouring

  • Painting using various objects of daily use

  • Paper folding

  • Abacus

  • Puzzles

  • Building blocks

  • Role play activities

  • Collage/Mask/Greeting card making

  • Celebration of various festivals

  • Celebration of days like colour day, mother’s day, grandparents’ day, vegetable day etc.

  • School functions like Sports Day, Annual Day etc.

Safety Features:

Is located in a well Guarded and secured vicinity

Away from busy road

CC Tv surveillance

Own Pick & Drop Facility